Congratulations, this is a new era, there are many Haitian...

Joseph Silvio - November 25 2014, 8:20 AM

Congratulations, this is a new era, there are many Haitian Americans in the USA. It is very good for the USA to reinforce this relationship with Haiti.

Haiti is going forward with English and French.

It is very important for the Haitians in the Diaspora to get involved with Haiti to develop commerce, tourism, education, healthcare, reduce unemployment, build affordable housing, etc. Haiti is no longer alone speaking creole only. Haitiano-Americans go forward with a new attitude to reinforce this cooperation in this new millenum.

God Bless USA, God Bless Haiti, God Bless


Les Gouvernements haïtien et américain veulent renforcer leur coopération

Port-au-Prince, le lundi 24 novembre 2014.- Le Premier ministre, S.E.M. Laurent Lamothe, a présidé, ce lundi, à la...

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