Haiti should build roads, bridges, put buses on the roads in...

Elie Philocles - February 8 2015, 8:25 PM

Haiti should build roads, bridges, put buses on the roads in all departments to connect all departments.

Haiti needs to build affordable housing in all departments to decentralize Port au Prince.

With the overpopulation in Port au Prince many people are struggling in bad living conditions in Port au Prince.

The air is not pure in many regions in Port au Prince.

Haiti should plant more coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, mangos, tobacco, watermelons, coconuts, bananas, all types of plants and vegetables to develop Agriculture and Nutrition in Haiti.

Haiti should grow more cows, goats, pigs, turkey, chickens, etc. Haiti needs motor boats to transport goods, products to the supermarkets.

Haiti needs one Automotive School in every department to get involved in fixing cars, buses, etc.
The North, South, East and West should have their own School of Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Pastoral and Priesthood College, Architecture, Accounting, Economy, Agronomy School etc., to decentralize Port au Prince.

Haiti should develop healthcare in every department so the people in the provinces do not have to go to Port au Prince for an XRay, a vaccination, a blood test, etc.
All children need vaccination in every department.

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