Congratulations, what a great step. We appreciate Laurent...

John Silvio - February 25 2015, 5:49 PM

Congratulations, what a great step. We appreciate Laurent Lamothe understanding to work together with Evans Paul for the good advancement of Haiti.

Sure, together we are strong.

Haiti needs a Marriott Hotel in every department, Holiday Inn, Econolodge in every arrondissement to accommodate all budgets.

Haiti is going forward with tourism, healthcare, education, social mobilization, security.

Create jobs. Haiti needs a minimum wage of $2-$3 an hour for the Haitian people.

Haiti should continue the Declarartion D'Impots that Laurent Lamothe started so the Haitian workers pay taxes to develop Haiti.

Welcome to Haiti anytime.

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Une belle illustration de la devise d'Haiti. L'UNION...

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