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Suzie Stephen - February 26 2015, 7:48 AM

Mr President use your common sense to deal with the problem of DR Diplomacy is the best approach while Haiti is trying to bring back his people home .I suggest that the new Government think of reopen Hasco, Ciment D'Haiti, Minoterie in addition The minister of Agriculture should be a working Agronome not someone with a tie sitting in an office Haiti have enough empty land to grow food, elevage of chicken, pig, goat like is used to be when I was a child in Haiti.The Diaspora know you are trying very hard to help Haiti but it is not your job alone.

Haiti need stability for its children to come back and rebuilt the Country Most of us leave under Papa Doc the man who destroy Haiti by killing and send an exile valuable citizen like Louis Dejoie, Thomas Desulme and many others.This is the result.

Young Haitian need to have a profession there is no more shoes maker, dress maker, good plumber, electrician, stop the importation of PEPE, all these contribute to the destruction of Haiti.

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Pierre-hugues Archambault says...

Relations between Haiti and Dominican Republic have always been very complicated. Historicaly they were most of time very unequal or antagonistic. Martelly government cannot do miracle and erase in few years all this difficult past. There are people more »

Agent-x says...

#Dominican #barbarian #Republic has been embarking itself in a hostility path toward Haiti. Haiti must retaliates with its available means as its sees fit to strike the aggressor in overt and covert manners.Agent-X is on Twitter as: Matelamotgagot more »