Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in Haiti...

Elie Philocles - March 18 2015, 9:36 AM

Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in Haiti.

Haiti cannot stay alone in ignorance
speaking creole, fighting against each other.

Haiti needs a Marriot hotel in the North, the South, Holiday Inn in every department for tourists to vacation in Haiti all seasons.

Haiti needs to change the way he is living, the way he is thinking to make progress, to get out of poverty.

Haiti should wake up at 5 in the morning and go to sleep at 10 at night.

Haiti must be busy all day long. Haiti must create jobs in the hospitality industry in every department to promote tourism in every department.

Haiti needs affordable housing in every department.

Haiti should create jobs in the real estate business in every department to make affordable houses for sales for working Haitians overseas to come to retire in Haiti.

Haiti needs affordable healthcare insurance for all Haitians to see a doctor every six months.

Haiti needs affordable Higher education tuition for all young people to be able to learn a profession, to have a career in every department, not only in Port au Prince.

Haiti needs Nursing homes, Assisted living residences.

Haiti needs airport in every department.

Haiti needs a car dealer in every department.

Clinton Global Initiative is very helpful to Haiti.

Welcome to Haiti, welcome to Bacconois anytime.

Bacconois needs Global Initiative.

Bacconois needs a Holy Land for pilgrims to come to pray for miracles.

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