Clinton has good advice for the development of Haiti...

John Cassis - March 18 2015, 10:56 AM

Clinton has good advice for the development of Haiti.

Agriculture can bring great profit to Haiti.

Do not abandon Agriculture.

Haiti, plant your coffee, cocoa, bananas, yams, vetiver, lemons, sugarcane, etc. Sure, white folks will not do much but you can get some good advice to do like Florida, California, Canada, Switzerland, etc. Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in the North, the South of Haiti in this millenum.

It is smart to get some advice from somebody smarter than you. They do not have to do everything for you. If you do not realize that you are behind and refuse to get advice from somebody who is better than you, you are doomed to stay behind.

Farmers, wake up and go about planting like Florida.

Develop Agriculture and Commerce in Haiti.

Haiti, cherchez le Royaume de Dieu and tout vous sera donner par surcroit.

Haiti, restez dans la priere.

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