Suggestions to President Micky

Tiba - April 20 2011, 3:57 PM

First and foremost, I would advice president Micky to have his lawyers to revisit ALL contarcts signed by previous regimes, for example: Labardee, ciment d'Haiti, see if all those contracts were done in good faith to the benefit of the country.

Is Haiti really profiting from those contract?

Secondly, president Micky must call upon to all the private inteties who bought the state entreprises like: Minoterie, Cement D'hati, Teleco, etc. and give them six months to open up all those entreprises and get them running in order to create jobs, and if they don't unchain the doors of those industries after six months, they will all turn over to the state.

The state will take them over and manage them in order to create jobs and get the economy moving again.

Thirdly, the president should call on the Port Authorities to clean the ports of all of those cars/vehicles that have been sitting there for years by calling on their owners to get them out of custom for very little money like $250 to $500 US or they all become state properties where the government can then sell them all dirt cheap to the public or auction them off. All that will bring instant cash to the public coffer.

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