Mining Industry in every department in Haiti

Joseph Garcia - July 18 2015, 11:26 PM

Haiti has lots of gold, silver, copper, gas, oil, aluminum, etc, in its hills.

Haiti should move forward with mining exploration and mining industry in every department.

Haiti should hire more companies from Canada, France, USA, Belgium, China, etc, for the discoveries of his great minerals to create jobs in every department.

Haiti should focus on developing better and more sustainable ways for the mining exploration and discoveries in every department in Haiti.

Haiti should invest mining revenues in Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Tourism, Transportation, Affordable housing, Communication, Environmental Protection and other basic services in every department.

The Mining Industry has the potentials to resolve lots of problems that the poor Haitians, the homeless, the sick, the abandoned Haitian elders, the orphans, the disabled, the naked Haitians, the va nu pieds Haitians, the unemployed Haitians are facing in Haiti.

The Mining industry and Agriculture can bring great profit to Haiti.

Geologists, Biophysicists, Agronomists, Economists, Accounting, Bankers should get together to find better ways to hire more companies for mine exploration and mining industry in every department in Haiti.

The young Haitian should get involved in the study of Geology, Biophysics in Canada, USA, Belgium, France to participate in the mining exploration and the mining industry in Haiti.

Haiti needs a minimum wage of $2 an hour in every department.

There is hope for Haiti in Agriculture and the Mining Industry.

Welcome in every department in Haiti.

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