Felicitation, Excellence!

Delorme Louis - December 8 2015, 1:43 PM

I believe, sincerely, you are the Best President/Premier Ministre Laurent Lamothe that Haiti has ever had.
Your realizations are real, your love for the country is clear, your good sense of responsibility is uncontestable, your family works and supports your actions.

More than one can approve your true realizations.

Your are not violent as ZOT are, and you show respect for the country and all Haitians People, BRAVO!

Please, do not provocate no one, and continue to be a Happy guy.
Also, my greatest counsel four you is to REJECT Satan, Franc Macon, and his adepts and MAKE the MIGHTY CHOICE of JESUS as your SAVIOR and LORD, you and your family.

Receive, please, my greetings, and if you get my message, please, let me know
Louis Delorme Valdor, Haitian

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