Animal,you need to know the real story of Haiti

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 30 2016, 12:04 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre

OAS is a criminal organization to disturb by design Nations around the globe.

The so-called third world countries are not welcome as States for such criminal run elites organization for hundred of years.

Haiti have the longest embargo story under the USA and so-called Europe due to rebellious black people to go against the merchant globalists, the Zionists as well. As a result under the conspiracy of the USA hidden behind the scene, let Germany seize Haitian Naval vessels, The newly sovereign country "Haiti" as his flag remove from the vessels and Germans sailors defecated on the flags before returning the vessels.

Also under serious traits to invade Haiti, while Haiti was vulnerable due to a revolution and debt payment to France.

The USA was behind the scene against Haiti.

The USA can never be friendly with Haiti, not in this life.
Animal Obama aka Obozo rather remove Cuba's limited embargo, under the request of the criminal globalists.

That's to show Haiti is out of question.

Blan kon kaka nan figi nou deja.

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