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Pictures that are missing in action

The sparrow-wacko Martelly claims that he is good looking. Apparently he has an obsession witith this motto: "improve your image, be seen with me" So why so many Leaders are avoiding picture session with him recently? The Haitian people need an... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-Part-B-2

◙ upsidedownworld-org ♦Covering Activism and politics in Latin America♦▬ 28 November 2011 ►Interview: Cuba's Health Care Miracle in Haiti ◙ HaitiLives-com ▬ 28 November 2011►CIA... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-A-2

☺☻ Since Martelly took power,degenerecency and insecurity is worsening in Haiti. Meanwhile, BID and CRH made arrangements to send 250 investors that will arrive in Haiti on 29 November 2011 looking for docile Haitians workers they could... more »

Now I am convinced that you are Mary Joseph and also signed as...

Now I am convinced that you are Mary Joseph and also signed as Agent-X. The mere fact that you are here on this blog where most of us are still struggling with the English language indicate that you cannot measure up with the main stream American... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-A-1

◙ Flash♦♦♦♦Grand Goave, Haiti ▬ 28 November 2011►An earthquake of medium intensity occurred in Grand Goave, Haiti at 02:53 A.M Standard time of Haiti. The magnitude of the earthquake is still unknown at... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011

◙ Radiotelevisioncaraibes-com ▬ 28 November 2011► Deklarasyon sou Wyclef Jean an repons a atik NY Post "Ayiti Fon Kesyon Dog Wyclef a," ◙ defend-ht Haitian ▬ 27 November 2010►... more »

You Brian, I did not post any article under Mary Joseph name...

You Brian, I did not post any article under Mary Joseph name nor the article you referring to that was signed as agent-X. This trend has been going since several months. Whenever someone signed as agent-X, I always mention it. This is to let you... more »

Return to the sender . We don't accept letters from creeps

RE: RESPECT IS WITHIN The following grafity was returned to its sender because we do not accept grafiti. Sorry. Try another address. You are a thug that does not deserve my respect ►Ms. Joseph: You have made my point very clear. You are a... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 27 November 2011- Wyclef Jean Dossier Vol-1

Wycleft Jean Dossier Volume-1 Who is helping who in Haiti. What is the difference between Michel Martelly and Wycleft Jean? All are the same. One is physically shorter and darker than the other but they think the same way. Both supposedly are... more »

Haitian Vitamin-news 25 November 2011-part-A-1

☻☺Evil forces forced Haitians to work at starvation wages under a web of intrigues and squalid conditions to allow the rich to get richer while they continues to disrespect,Haiti, its institutions, its culture and its people in their... more »

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