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Haitian Vitamin-News for September 27th 2011-part-2

►Uruguay: Peacekeepers Testify in Civilian Courts. ►Ventnor EMT ensures Haiti kids get life-saving aid, scholarship fundraiser set ►Document details Martelly plan for new Haiti army By TRENTON DANIEL more »

Haitian news-vitamins fot September 28th 2011

► John Marion Article on Imperialist powers prepare to keep UN forces in Haiti. ► Cuban doctors performed 6449 surgeries and stayed on long after the seven weeks of humanitarian aid offered to the Haitians by the US were over... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News for September 27th 2011

►U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon agreed with Agent-X ►Read in Dominican Today on links #2 Informal job description of the military.That is why Haiti does not need military especially a Haitiano-Dominican military cabal that will... more »

Perfect analogy how the US is protecting the criminal macoutes

According to the BBC News Europe, "A high-ranking Nazi officer who helped develop a mobile gas chamber became a spy for West Germany after World War II, archives have revealed." When criminal worked for an Empire or a regime interest, those... more »

F.A.D.H. Was made for the security of the Haitian bourgeoisie...

F.A.D.H. Was made for the security of the Haitian bourgeoisie and the interest of the Americans and transnational corporations with the duty to enforce the desiderata of the aforesaid groups at the expense of the Haitian masses. That is why the... more »

Haitan Vitamin-News 26 eptember 2011

L'Union des normaliens ha more »

If weapons is so unimportant and worthless,why right after the...

If weapons is so unimportant and worthless,why right after the January 12th 2010 earthquake in Haiti some foreign power thought it was more important to send several thousand of marines in civilian clothes and in uniform with heavy weapons to... more »

Agent-Y reports the News but does not makes the news

This is a reply to jean Pierre Alexandre and his acolytes. Agent-X is the historian, archivist and Editorialize for Agency-X-1804. Agent-Y works for the same agency in the capacity of News reporter. When something happened or is unfolding we simply... more »

Video showing how Aristide protected Haiti & US E. coast from Irene

This id the proof showing how Aristide protected Haiti and the US East coast from the furors of hurricane Irene. I know that Jean Pierre Alexandre will deny it despite of great contrary evidence ☺ more »

Worldwide Mobilization Media in Haiti for Friday September 30th 2011

24 Septanm 2011 -> 11:22 more »

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