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Montresor 2011 Educational TV Broadcasting Updates

My Fellow Haitians and Friends, I have good news for you about Montresor 2012 Educational TV Broadcasting, we are nearly done with everything and gearing up for the grand opening.At this time we could definitely use some small donations to finish... more »

Tiba, Woohoo, Persistence with patience Driven through wisdom...

Tiba, Woohoo, Persistence with patience Driven through wisdom will pay off when you believe, all good things are possible! Be encouraged, politics! You now got it "After all, the government is the #1 beggar in Haiti." You now got it "He's been only... more »

Haitians Support For President Barrack Obama!

My fellow Haitians, It is my privilege to inform you of my support for President Barrack Obama to win a second term as President of the United States. As I have done today before asking you, so please do the same as well by logon to the President... more »

Proveb Haitien Rann Sevice Bay Chagren Is it true?

I went to visit my daughter/grand children today and it was very touchy when she said Dad if you ever want to reopen the biz backup I more »

Montresor 2011Company TV Commercial Back in 1999

I often have radical ideas; want to do something unusual and funny so I came up with this TV commercial for the business in 1999. Unfortunately I closed the business to run for President of Haiti in the 2010/2011 elections so please do not call the... more »

Min pi bon dance lan...

May the Lord blesses you and keeps you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you! May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. I love you all. God Bless! Dife ya cho wi la!! Dance sa-a... more »

Whay Can't We Do What Is Fair and Good For Haiti

Discipline and order is needed in Haiti, to much injustice against the people and the children. We more »

Haiti Should Void all Presidential

About Haiti more »

An Mache Ak Jesus Paskeu Bondie se Yon Grow Bondie

Gade m La Toujou, Just pray this prayer from your heart: Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in the Name of Jesus to receive salvation. I believe Jesus is Your Son, that he died for my sins and that You raised Him from the dead. I ask You to come... more »

Are you ready to come to a Royal Wedding?

Republic of Haiti and the United States. Coming together for a historic Royal wedding is coming soon! What is your question for Montresor on this subject? more »

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