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Travay Pounn Travay Pounn Realize!!!!!

******************************************* A song for all Haitian workers in the USA! ******************************************* Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ******************************************* Work is to... more »

...About Time

Oh God, I long 4something Fair n Good 'Grace; favour' the Rose of... is LUV! more »

Montresor 2011 is Back on Twitter

Michael M. Delasse (Montresor2011) is back on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to follow Michael M. Delasse (Montresor2011) and get the latest updates more »

Impartation is at the feet of Your Mentor!

In the search of tomorrow more »

"One Night with the King"

Just pray this prayer from your heart below, Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in the Name of Jesus to receive salvation. I believe Jesus is Your Son, that he died for my sins and that You raised Him from the dead. I ask You to come into my heart... more »

The word of the Lord for today

...Honestly, if anyone of you could make a deal with God you would in a heartbeat because God always have the best deals! I am not a singer or a songwriter but the Lord to gave me brand-new Salvation songs in my dream 4the harvest of souls. Give... more »

I am in Love with Tender Love!

I am either Blessed or lucky, some times, I do not know which but I love them for both so that I can be a Blessing to you and others! more »

A day to Honor Americas Flag!!!

Honoring the Flag of the United States of America for the up coming 4th of July We have lots of histories together and I more »

About Nation Building

I love this video About Nation Building from the people of Israel!!! more »

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