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"President Martelly trust God".

President Martelly;hang on there do not give up.There is a song of the late Whitney Houston title"I look to you"some of the lyrics said:Winter storms have come and darkened my sun,after all that I've been trough who on earth can I turn to.I look to... more »

Happy Birthday president Martelly!

Bonne fete Mr le president,je vous souhaite une sante robuste.Et que Dieu vous donne la foi d'Abraham,la gloire de Joseph,la patience de Moise,le courage de David,la sagesse de Salomon,la richesse de Jacob,et enfin la fidelite de Job face a... more »

Discours du president Martelly devant l'assemblee

Mr le president cela prouve une fois de plus vous etres un vrais leader.C'etait un parfait discour,ce qui epate,c'est la franchise qui vous caracterise tout au long de votre carriere,meme hier a la chambre.Vous connaitrez que la relation avec les... more »

"President Martelly,pray for God favor"

President Martelly,d'un pas ferme,jusqu'au terme,il faut s'avancer.Dieu t'observe et qu'il preserve ton pied de glisser.Meme si la haine se dechaine soyez en Paix.Que L'Eternel des Armees t'entoure par devant et par derriere de ses faveurs.God will... more »

The volcano is about to erupt in Haiti !

If after six months people want president Martelly to leave the office I said is because the Haitians people do not want change.They want to live in the mud and if they let traitors to manipulated them by telling them that someone else can do... more »

welcome back home president martelly!

I never doubt that you are the leader the haitian people has been longing for.I will keep you in prayer for God to give you wisdom and strength to help you move the country forward.Today history takes note and I hope the congress took note... more »

Rien ne pourra vous nuire!

Vous ne craindrez ni les terreurs de la nuit,ni la fleche qui vole de jour,ni la peste qui marche dans les tenebres,ni la contagion qui frappe en plein midi.Que mille tombent a votre cote,et dix mille a votre droite,vous ne serez pas atteint.Et... more »

"Don't be discourage"

Mr president,I guarantee you by the end of this week God will do the clean up that the country need it,not by human hands but by himself wait and see.Fear,not stand still God is not like human being who lies he always keep his words,no matter what... more »

"God will walk you through the storms"

President Martelly,ask God not to take away the storms,but to substain you into the storms,and walk you through the storms.While you are going through your valley experience never let go off the hand of God...because God has 1000 different ways to... more »

Victory is yours!

Mr president,to be victorious all God require from you is to fight manfuly and trust in his grace.I see so much love and hope that are burnings into every Haitian hearts,be courageous you're the people champion.Do not give up or give in hold... more »

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