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$100 For The Army $100 For Education

Mr. President, I believe $240,000,000 US dollars can be collected anually for your government to put in place a serious security initiative for the country as well as to nurture your free education - there some truth in that, but also true is that... more »

Noble Peace Prize To Our President Martelly

I read a an absolutely wonderful idea from someone name 'Makandal Neg Mancho; the idea is for our Honorable President Michel Joseph Martelly to be honored for his work on reconcialition and peace iniative in Haiti. It it clear to anyone that his... more »

Bravo Makandal et merci Rv. Dr. Dumaine! This is an excellent...

Bravo Makandal et merci Rv. Dr. Dumaine! This is an excellent idea. Let us do as much we can to make become reality. The world should know about this avant garde musician who is now conducting a symphony of reconcialiation and of peace. The world... more »

Haitian Civic Corps, Police and Military

This message is not for our President but for you. Do we want education, law and order as our main priorities to the move nation forward? Well, what do think of a non-paid and non-armed voluntary Civil Corps made up with Haitians between the age of... more »

Sanitation Plus Security Will Equal Investment

Sir, Whatever the approach will be in order to get investors to look at Haiti as a potential viable and sustainable market needs to be done in conjunction with a serious sanitation and security agenda. Everybody already knows that without a decent... more »

Merci Pou Initiativ Rekonciliation Peyi'a, Merci!

Mr. Prezidan, Renkont ou ak ancien preziden peyi'a se yun honeur liye pou Ayiti devan le mond entie. Bondye Mari Josef! Koumanman! Wifout! Kobabiskou! Hum, hum, ummm. Mezanmi more »

We Thank You for Your Humility and Wisdom

Honorable Mr. President Martelly, Sir, it is with immense pleasure that we in the diaspora salute you. I do not have the words to explicate how proud i am to be witnessing your classy presidential acts. I am absolutely certain that history will... more »

Teachers of The Future Generation

Mr. President, Congratulations, on the Prime Minister being ratified; 17 yeses with 3 nos deserves more than a bravo. I suppose the 9 neutrals are good for the edge that is needed in the balancing dance of politics. We hope that Mr. Rouzier and Mr... more »

Join the Opposition Against Illiteracy and Misery

Senator Steve Benoit has joined the opposition against Presidcent Martelly, and that funny idea as forced me to believe that ti benoit wants to make a name for himself, and is exposing just how intelligent he is. Bravo steve! But fortunately some... more »

Shipping to Haiti

Sir, I hope that all is well with you and your family as you glance over these words of my thoughts. It is true that we do not have have our own ships and planes to pick up items from the diaspora and deliver to our many ports in Haiti, by which... more »

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