Haitian True Free Press

Haitian True Free Press - May 26 2011, 12:06 PM

They are trying to bluff the Haitian by saying Clinton will play a lesser role in Haiti reconstruction but that is not true. They know what they did by selecting ti miki tete piast.

Now those malefactors want to keep a low profile by giving the impression that miki and his boys are in charge.

The truth is: Clinton is the defacto Haiti real president and run the country.

Bourik Charge is the Governor general of Haiti and ti Micky is the vice president, pope toile, tioul #-1 Amerequins; ti micky is unable to carry a 15 minutes coherent speeech at an intelligent and intellectual level.

How come Gerard Rouzier was a Jamaican foreign agent [Jamaican Consul] and he is allowed to become a primer Minister in Haiti.

Anyone has bother to check ti Micky passport and Birth Certificate?


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