Haitien Observateur, i guess when Aristide use to put his...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 11 2011, 7:28 AM

Haitien Observateur, i guess when Aristide use to put his expensive suits on, and keep flying day and night in helicopter like a dumb monkey, with a djol long tankou yon ti koure-kochon doing none sense things.What symbolization was that?

Well i will tell ya fellas, his style symbolize MOB BOSS, just like the one you see in Harlem, NY. Not in little Italy down town Manhattan where mob boss are well organize.

Aristide was a local latrine with a monkey brain type of gangster style.

Haitien Observateur, i guess when Preval use to walk around durty like a peyn ti dan, sire sal tankou yon klocha ki anba pon ki travese gran rue pou al nan tourefel la, kote tout moun pise ak toilet a Pari Frans.

His style symbolized and represent: All Haitian intellectuals?

Well, he symbolize "good for nothing" "useless man".


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