Uncle Toulimen, I agree with you totally. However, there is...

Tiba - June 17 2011, 5:53 AM

Uncle Toulimen,

I agree with you totally.

However, there is something powerful that the diaspora can do to bring Martelly's government and the Most
repugnant Elite of Haiti down to their knes, and it's called "BOYCOTT." If the the Haitian diaspora had the guts and any back bones, they would stop transfering money to their relatives back home, Haiti, let's say for 3 to 6 months, and would see a big 360 degree turn in the political landscape in Haiti.

Understand that the Haitian elite is all liches/blood suckers and their existence is impossible without the diaspora's hard earned dollars.

But unfortunately, Haitians are too coward, weak with any guts and back bones to do something like that. I, personally, am ready not to transfer a dime to those bastards in Haiti if everyone else is willing to do it.

We the diaspora own Haiti but we're too dumb and stupid to realize and acknowledge that reality.

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