There he is :Tet kale

D Mathon - June 27 2011, 11:51 PM

He's not a traditional politician as we would say in Haiti but he's a real talented one.He's a succes story by definition.His musical career, however short it may have been, put him next to a Madonna or a would be fraud.

In the end, despite his shaky past, the people of Haiti have spoken.

They voted for change and that's what Martelly personify.The political landscape in Haiti is foever altered for good. Give change a chance.

Stop being the"enfants pauvres" de la Caraibe.

Give support to his administration whether or not you embrace his political views.

Martelly is a true patriot and a great man. He loves his country dearly and he's an inspiration for the rest of us.wake up and smell the coffee it's been too long already.

Stop that political insanity we tend to enjoy way too much in Haiti.You are not free so long as foreing troops occupy your land.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

So far only one man knows how to read and write in the Lavalas party. Aristide djol long is my answer. And only one man in Unite party. My answer is Preval alias Barbancourt. You will need to explain the Lavalas people that and Unite people. Us more »

Richelle says...

Pa di aristide diol long,aristide diol bourique,diol cochon. more »