Mr. Jean Pieere Alexandre, Education has everything to do with...

Garry Milosevich - July 6 2011, 9:47 AM

Mr. Jean Pieere Alexandre,

Education has everything to do with it. If one is not educated with true facts it is impossible for one to make factual rational judgements or statements.

Most of the world's educational systems have been intentionally designed not to teach their students the process of thinking for themselves.

Most of the world's educational history taught to students is flawed.

The world's mainstream news media is controlled for the benefit of those that want to maintain their power and control over governments and citizens of the world.

I agree that the citizens of Haiti, as well as citizens of many other countries have bee deceived by certain corrupt, greedy individuals and entities in order for those individuals and entities to maintain their control in an attempt to control the world's financial systems.

Royal Dragon International Holdings Limited (HK) only interest is to help the government of Haiti in order for the citizens of Haiti to benefit by their God given rights of freedom, affordable housing, education, health care, etc.

Garry Milosevich

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