It is none of your business to judge a person because he is...

Toulimen - July 19 2011, 5:23 PM

It is none of your business to judge a person because he is gay or not. I have gay friends and I respect them for who they are and they are not the cause of their gayness.

You should argue your case with those bioscientists involving in the alteration of people's DNA chromosomes after birth in our hospitals through their stupid so-called vaccines.

Those bioscientist doctors are running our hospitals in the U.S. and Canada and they are paid to do those dirty and evil jobs to reduce the world population among minorities.

They are doing it with the complicity of those greedy conservatives and now they are infecting some conservative children like Lisa Cheney to make them accepted homosexuality as a natural and true lifestyle.

They had administered those gene to some chimps, monkeys and penguins to show that it is a natural process because it is found among animals too. If your child is born in either U.S. and Canada and you are poor there will be 100% of chance you will be dealing with a gay child in your life. You should voice that concern to stop this sort of discrimination rather than capitalizing on the victims of the so-called population control.

From vice to human degradation, you should go after bioscientist doctors to stop that insanity practices inside our hospitals and not on the victims.

God will have mercy and compassion for those discriminated children who have nothing to do regarding their forced homosexual lifestyle.

It was imposed upon them because of population control.

May the Most High God have mercy upon their souls and bless them as well!

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