I thought that baboon and pigs are supposed to be more...

Agent-x - July 25 2011, 1:15 AM

I thought that baboon and pigs are supposed to be more intelligent than human being because they wage no war on this planet or killing each other in their clan. They cooperate for food gathering and suitable shelters.

You have demonstrated that your baseline of functioning is below the baboon and the pig although they are closely related to us
You have too many human genes in your system as modified baboon and that makes you a part of the problem rather than the solution.

You will become a part of the solution after our scientist in Benin and Brazil will receive your dirty socks to fix you. Otherwise Aristide and I will have to call Prometheus to modify your behavior so you could become part of the solution.

Give me your address so I could send you a picture of Aristide to desensitize your phobia about him and to increase your IQ. Below, I send you three websites to help you improve your IQ Lavalassement.

α♫♪ ☼ ♫♪Ω.

Type on Google: drudgereport.com
Greece, Spain, Italy are in the red. I do not see how a Haitian president could entertains the thought that Spain is going to help Haiti unless he drank half of the barrels of tafia in leogane in one day or he might be high from titabac blanc and need some parachutes to come down.
Guy likes you put Haiti in a bad posture because your Achilles heel is Dominican women and Dominican controlling every facet of Haitian life to systematic espionage.

Most Haitian government official at higher level are fell victims of pillow talk to those Dominican spies that are extracting vital info from those Haitians.

That is why the Haitian economy is at the mercy of the Dominicans but you guys are too blind and deaf to understand this. Aristide was sabotaged by the US, France, Canada, Dominican government and the Dominican mafia.

Those people have been the traditional enemy of Haiti but Canada has not been a major player in Haiti not until the last fifty years.

The problem does not stop here.
Now we are going to have the following plunder fighting among them for what they could get from Haiti because what is good for Haiti might be bad for their selfish interests.

I listed them by order of gravitational pull:
United States, Dominican Republic, Canada, France, Brazil, Spain and don't forget the unseen and covert geopolitical influences of Venezuela, China, Russia, Cuba and Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.

Why we cannot send our spies to infiltrate their government for the interest of Haiti.

Instead of analyzing what is going on with those cats you are trying to destroy Aristide who has been a true patriot that articulating the interests of the poor Haitians.

Your displaced aggression and failure to identify the real enemy makes you a part of the problem rather than the solution.

Aristide went through a cascade of economic embargo because he was not willing to privatize and sell Haiti.

USA, France, Canada, World Bank get mad at his anti-exploitation policies.

He reminds me of Dessalines words at the Crete a Pierrot.

You are barking at the wrong tree and for the wrong reason.

We have to worries about the telephone tax because Laurent Lamothe is a swindler that financed his election campaign in return for the mugging of the Haitian people.

We have to be worries about the monies he is collecting since those people have expensive taste in clothing, choice of personal Italian taylor, jewelries, cars, liquors, houses etc..

Right now he, his wife and Bellerive are managing the monies and they are not accountable to pere Pap since the money is not in our national budget and they might using it as their piggy bank anmwe, anmwe, anmwe kimbe yo, bare yo, veye yo, miarrrourrr, marozzzzzz.


Martelly must pick J. B. Aristide as Premier Minister for the good of Haiti

Our deep, deep fifth column from Martelly administration just informed us that Martelly dropped Gousse like a hot...

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