Agent-x, Martelly will go down very fast, for the past few...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 25 2011, 8:20 AM

Agent-x, Martelly will go down very fast, for the past few weeks i receive good facts and they are not rumors.

For the sake of Haiti we need peace, the people idling patiently loaded with confusion.

So far i put Martelly on my J A C K A S S wall of fame for now, soon i will put him on my S H I T list like Aristide.

I understand Martelly is running like a dog with four legs in four parallels roads that will never meet, he will get what he deserve if he thinks he can F U C K the people with his crowds of foxs.

Aristide sank haiti into chaos just because of pride and selfishness, he was not a team player.Nowadays, he have to know president don't rules the world anymore.

Look for example at Grece have 8 millions people and a deficit of 5 billions, Norway have 8 millions people also, and a supplus of 5 billions.

What just happen in Norway few days ago?.

Agent-x thanks for the info, good job.I need info not bananas.


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