Ayisyen, Pale Franse Pa Di Lespri Pousa!!!

Tiba - July 29 2011, 3:06 PM

Since the beginning of time, Haitians have always positioned themselves as the most educated, the most knowledgeable, the better informed, and just the "Know it all" people there is on the planet.

Unfortunately, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Thus the more educated Haitians get or have become, the less hey are unable to do to pull their country out of the shit hole that it is in.

History has it, every single president in Haiti in the past 3 to 4 decades is an arrogant, self-proclaimed know-it all, idiotic moron who doesn't listen to no one. Many US-ambassadors and others left Haiti because because they cannot reason and rationalize with these brain dead retard presidents.

On the list of these moronic retard idiots shown: Preval, Aristide, Latortue, Cedras, etc...

this is why these cronies get dissed by foreign dignitaries so much. Remember Preval, who got dissed by Obama in Argentina.

I suspect that Martelly is just another arrogant "egotesticle" who pretends to know it all, and therefore, has no need to listen to his own advisors, whom I believe to be all his relatives and close friends.

And the question that I keep asking, and still cannot get an answer for is "Can Haitians ever do anything right?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba,you say it all and all of it "se verite san manke". In my opinion,Martelly is a brutal man by nature. He need a very good team to brain storming with him. more »

Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

We do not need an iron fist, hand, but the willing to do in a democracy. Charlot Charlemagne 973-239-5649 908-937-0667 more »