prayer to you

Christine - August 2 2011, 1:19 PM

hello, i am a fan and my family and i always pray for you and i wish you luck. my granddaughter think you are working hard and you are sent from god and that you will make it through.

my country needs you.GOD BLESS YOU.

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Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

Yes, Prayer for our President, but the God did not choose Him. Opportunity and we hope He does something positive with. make it through, it remains to see. He can not please everyone, He has to choose one side, The have or the non Have. Because the more »

Cris says...

i am an 70 year old women and my country has never been in this condition. lets save our country for the future.dont ask me anymore questions god bless all of you and the country haiti. :) vive haiti... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Hey Charlot Charlemagne,i heard you want my telephone? My name is not enough for you? Tell the god that told you lately regarding about the Duvalierist and Martelly to have a few demons to F U C K him in the A S S until he made his own world to mes more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Grand-ma,are you strong enough to hold in your hands an AK-47? If you are not strong enough keep praying gran-manman. These wacos in Haiti need bullets holes in their bodies,needs tires and gasoline,needs to be chop in pieces with manchetes,needs t more »