Voici L'exemple de l'incompetence, de mediocrity, and just plain stupidy

Tba - August 2 2011, 2:39 PM

I ask that everyone reads this article, and then tell us your understanding and conclusion you come up with.

In my opinion this is the most vague avacuation call given to a population by government officials in the face of such potential yet, another natural desaster Haiti is facing with now.

Ces imbeciles du gouvernement "appellent les habitants a quitter les zones a risques." They even call on those living under the tents to leave the zones at risk. What does all that mean?

Don't these imbeciles know the zones at risk in Haiti and in P-A-P?

Well, the way competent people and people with the know-how, operate/function in the best interest of the population and the country, they would call up on everyone who live at specific locations in P-A-P and in the country, to leave those locations now, pronto.

and tout de suite.

How do they expect the people/population to know what locations are at risk?

The authorities made the call as vague as possible in order to have as many people dead just so they can say they did call on those deads to leave the risky locations.

That is my conclusion and my understanding of this article.

How do you see it?

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Jean Ciceron Charlot Char says...

Not every decision is logical. more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Alta Jean-Baptiste est un(e) imbecile qui ne fait que dire des sottises. Les autorites Haitiennes n'ont jamais eu des plans d'evacuation de la population Haitienne a travers l'histoire, elles n'en auront jamais car elles croient toujours que les more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Toulimen,i wonder where that constant zeal to fight the right cause coming from in you? Now i know. Listen, we all know or should know in Haiti everyone are full of it"the brown sticky smelly stuff". When i talk or say unbelievable things across more »

Abel Pointdujour says...

bon, cette Alta Jean-Baptiste est aussi la femme d'un ancien directeur du Ministere de l' Agriculture qui a ete arrete pour vol. C' est un fait pouvant etre document more »

Elouis E Martin says...

Mwen dako avew Abdel. Men fok ou gade sa moun nan fe tou. ok. Madam sa a pa bon, men se pa fot li sel man ki fe Service de la Protection Civle (Ministere Interieur) pa mache. Li mal antoure: 1) Rouzevelt Conper, yon vye granmoun 75 zan kap radote e k more »