les mauvais dirigeants sont la base de la misere

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine Pastor - August 18 2011, 5:37 PM

Les Mauvais Dirigeants sont la base de la mis

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Agent-x says...

Non, la cause de la pauvrete en Haiti est la religion et l'elite bourgeoise, qui sont les proxenetes de la pauvrete et les parasites professionnelle en Haiti. Leur exploitation impitoyable des fils et filles de Dessalines leur permettent de mainteni more »

Rev. Rivel D says...

Agent X, It comes to observe many good thing and thoughts that you have possess, but the only problem exisiting between you and the reality is that you put Aristide before everything even before God. You load yourself with too much Aristide in you more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Rev.Dr.Rivel,Are you a juge now? All Haitian pastors are suckers,parasites in the mules A*S*S*E*S and horses. The guy can die with Aristide if he choose his faith on him,and if he believes Aristide is a good leader. Can you tell when a pastor is a more »