the new haiti in 10years

Lovely - September 2 2011, 3:56 AM

Good morning/Good afternoon Mr. President Michel Martelly.

My name is Lovely and i am a Haitian American residing in Florida.

I've seen the "new Haiti in 10 years" sketch to me it looks like a lot of work. I was wondering with housing like these what kind of jobs are we going to have or offer in Haiti, and if so how are the less fortunate afford these houses?I myself have dreams of working in Haiti and helping my people.That dream will come into reality after i complete my education, I'm in my first year of college.Yet anything i can start doing now to help Haiti and our people to recover would be a pleasure on my end.I speak both English and creole fluently, i understand french i can write and read it it.It's just quite hard for me to speak it.In high school i majored in finance, i am pretty handy with the computer.

If theirs anything i can do i would be glad to put forth the effort to help my country.

My email address is (lolo1229 at

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