la secrretairerie d

By: Mouvement Solution Reelle Msr - September 12 2011, 7:00 PM


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Tiba says...

Mouvement solution, Do you know the difference between "Slogan and Program?" All you just said is nothing more than slogan. Once again, arrogance and the know-it-all attitude filled of gibberish and legume speech. But abviously this is too big f more »

Mouvement Solution Reelle Msr says...

The MOUVEMENT SOLUTION REELLE (MSR) that had supported President Martelly in the election of 2011, wanted to accompany the President in his actions while avoiding ideological confrontations of any ideas you have mentioned in your message. Haiti is th more »

C. Mayard says...

we need also a Department for public indecent exposures, foul languages,cross dressing, born that way,homo-tendencies,avowed-homo, wardrobe malfunctioning, how to steal over two millions in three months more »

E. Reyme says...

"Secretairerie aux affaires paysannes" is a new version to what Aristide instituted and called "Ministere de la Femme", or "Ministere des Haitiens a l'etranger". My question to them is where is the department of agriculture,social works, or th more »

Tiba says...

With the very little primary French ability that I have, I have read this post with great interest over and over again, and I still could not make any sense of it. Is it a request to the president to creat a post of Secretary D'etat Aux Affaires Pay more »

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