Martelly,his thugs and magouyers scored 4 goals against the people

Agent-x - September 14 2011, 3:44 AM

14 September 2011--> Martelly, his thugs and his Board of Magouyers just scored 4 goals a zero against the Haitian people.

Martelly = 4/60 [4 months out of his remaining 56 months]and the Haitian people = 0/0 meaning getting nothing

1- Foreign powers are playing Premier Minister technicality games with the Haitians because the earthquake monies for Haiti is currently helping another nation with its economic problem.

Thus, the money is not available yet for Haiti.

They will find a suitable Premier Minister overnight as soon the money will become available, if ever. In case popular Government will replace Martelly, they will reimpose their embargo again.

This is the same old game against Haiti development.

2- The earth quake victims continue to live under the tents in deplorable conditions while Martelly and his friends are circulating in expensive cars, live in expensive houses and leads extravaganza life style.

3- Cholera continues to kill dozen of Haitian on a daily basis but health care are under the order not to talk about it.

4- The health care system has worsening since Martelly has been selected as the vice "Vice" President.

Meanwhile, Martelly and his entourage go to Florida on a regular basis for their medical check up and treatment.

If it was not for the Cuban doctors, half of the population would have been dead.

5- Martelly does not have the decorum and the decency to pay a state visit to Cuba while Cuba was the fist, first responders during the January 12th 2010 earthquake and continue to help the poor Haitians.

He finds time to go all the way to Spain to visit people that never help Haiti.

As a matter of fact the Spain should return to Haiti the gold they stole from Haiti.

I guess, his masters already gave him order to reestablish the hostility policy between Haiti and Cuba that was prevalent during the Duvalier regime.

Every nation on this planet reject this shameless Cuban embargo except the USA and Israel.

6- The government continues to hold up and hijacking monies from Haitians at the money transfers kiosks and during international phone calls to Haiti.

The poor are robbed more than the rich since it is a flat fee. The guy who transfers $ 50,000, $ 500,000 or even more pay the same amount like the poor that send $ 50- or less to his family.

Thus, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It is the same rich that have been paying the lowest taxes in Haiti or not at all for several generations.

7- The Poor children are not attending school in September 2011 while the rich Haitian parents send their kids to attend school in Dominican Rep, Jamaica, USA, Canada, France and elsewhere in Sept 2011.

8-Systematic repression against his political opponents is growing by leap and by bonds.

Some journalists and politicians are in hiding.

9- Martelly has a A Death Squad and repressive Corp of Assassins who is still in training in the USA, Canada, Chile and France.

This repressive Corp of Assassins will be introduced to the people soon under the euphemism of security and military.

This administration is embarking itself in a path of hostility toward the legitimate and majority political party in Haiti and threatening the life of their leaders instead of governing thru reconciliation.

Thus, a specter of genocide under the supervision of foreign powers is looming as it was the case with the Duvalier regime.

We are asking Haitian to document the atrocities of this rug regime.

Don't let them attack your family members, relatives,friends and acquaintances before you decide to do something.

10- The cost of living rose since Martelly has been selected by the foreign powers.

11- Privatization and foreign investment are done under the conditions that the sons and daughters of Dessalines must work not at a going rate of minimum wage that is prevalent in the Caribbean and Latin America but at starvation wage so the sons and daughters of the rich will continue to use the sons and daughters of Dessalines as restavek and call them Chimeres, criminals,vagabonds, vieux bagailles etc. They are usually Srauss-Khanized by the rich and by MUNISTAH routinely.

Very seldom people talk about such incident.

Some even consider them normal.

12- Foreigners are buying lands and properties at very low price to resell them very high later on and some are getting those properties by fraudulent means.

Years later those NGO [Niggers get out]will tell us to get out and compel us to return to Africa as it is the case in the Middle East. [ They started by buying those land during the 1940's from the Palestinians before using ruthless aggression and force.

] Then they probably will say to us some obscure discovery or book said, it is the land of the Vikings or what ever.

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