Agent-x says, If a A nuclear exchange or an unusual solar...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 21 2011, 9:43 PM

Agent-x says,
[If a A nuclear exchange or an unusual solar flare occurs, that would generate strong electromagnetic pulses that might put the modern world on its knees.

Cars, airplanes, boats, telephones, Kindles, Nooks, radios, TV, watches, hospital equipments, traffic lights, power grids, bathrooms, cameras, [ATM machines that are outside not the inside ☺nes] would be inoperative.

Jean Pierre Alexandre says certain things can run with modifications by eliminate any electrical current that can shut your diesel injection fuel pump if your fuel pump is electrical, another word modified you pump to mechanical like the old days.
I have a Benz running in diesel, no electromagnetic pulse can shut it off.
Example, conventional diesel car or boat can still runs.
The US military kaiser trucks can still run or any conventional diesel trucks can run.
The engine will only shakes for just a second.

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