Mouvement solution, Do you know the difference between "Slogan...

Tiba - September 23 2011, 9:52 AM

Mouvement solution,

Do you know the difference between "Slogan and Program?" All you just said is nothing more than slogan.

Once again, arrogance and the know-it-all attitude filled of gibberish and legume speech.

But abviously this is too big for you and your cronies.

Stop giving abstract presentations to your people.

The Haitian people and even foreigners who are reading the board and listening to your speeches need to start "concrete & practical" programs from you and your bunch.

Enough of the "Etalage de Connaissance."

Reviving the agriculture/farming in Haiti must be a government program that must be well thought out and well planed.

this should be a little group of people under the direction of a fake/nonsense "Secretary Affairs of Peasan." There is already a Secretary of Agriculture.

There is enough bureaucrats in Haiti than keep missing things for the people.

Martelly needs to come before the people with his Secretary of Agriculture by his side and present his Agriculture Program to the people.

Telling the people straight forward what his blue point to revive farming/agriculture is, and this is not something that he do without the support of the parliament because they need to finace it. Haiti is the only place where government expect everything done without spending a cent.

This not have an open-ended starting date/time.

Martelly needs to tell Haitians exactly when the program will start either this year, or next year or in 2013 and how. The people need to know about the crop they will start in, for example, start helping the rice farmers in Artibonite, or cocoa farmers in Dame-Marie, or coffee, etc. or start with all the different crops simultaneously, etc...and how much the whole program is going to cost the public treasury, etc. etc...anything less than that is blowing "hot air", and Haitians must not take this government seriously about doing anything for the country.

This is what practical/concrete government programs is about.

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