I completely agree with you and that's what I am advocating...

Toulimen Legrand - October 1 2011, 2:40 PM

I completely agree with you and that's what I am advocating too. We need a stronger force of protection I would say not an army per se so we will not enrich more the U.S. Republican gun sellers.

They will never sell you strong ammunition to help resist to their power.

Look at what they did to Gaddafi, they disabled his military arsenal serial numbers from the Pentagon and most of it's gun became muted and he could not use them to defend and protect the sovereignty of Libya against those mercenary rebels who are fighting for power in Libya.

All those criminal gangs in Haiti are working on behalf of the U.S. CIA to restore the old Haitian Army. Martelly needs to buy stronger guns and ammunitions just to eradicate those CIA gangs in Haiti so they can leave us alone.

The U.S.presence in Haiti is a source of destabilization, corruption and CIA criminal activities.

All our political crimes in Haiti since 1862 to today's date are mostly and not including all American crimes.

To quote Reverend Jessie Jackson, I will say like him this:"All Haiti needs is that the United States stops destroying their country." The United States is the source of our undeveloped economy and should we allow them to continue to discriminate us as well as destroying our culture like that. No, the United States should leave us alone.

Martelly should purchase some guns from those hypocrites to eradicate their criminal gangs in place so they can leave us alone.

The United States is responsible and along with our subservient elites for the curse of Haiti.

Haitians should wake up to say that enough is enough.

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