Haitian Vitamin-News for October 6th 2011

Agent-y - October 6 2011, 9:38 PM

◙-1- Traffic collision in Petit Goaves, Haiti.

Five passengers are reported dead; many are injured and few are in critical condition.

◙-2- Michel Martelly close friend and music partner, Mr. Louis Jean Robert,25 y/o, sustained multiple gun shots and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital.

Louis Jean Robert, is aka rasta, aka ti frere.

Michel Martelly was informed about the shooting.

Eye witness said that Martelly shed an avalanche of tears after learning that one of his musician partner was shot.

◙-3- Multiple shots were fired this afternoon in Avenue Magloire Ambroise.

A man who was the intended target escaped injury.

The bandits fled the scene.

Rumors have it that the intended target is impervious to bullets after someone noticed the intended target is carrying a red handkerchief on his back pocket.

◙-*4-Haitian Media Association Condemns Martelly Verbal Abuse of Young Haitian Journalist.



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