PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

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Look at this photo... Former US president BIll Clinton and Haiti president Michel Martelly shaking hands at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

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Ernest Paul Summer is coming. Welcome to the Nippes anytime. The Nippes have some nice beaches for tourists to vacation anytime. Tourists will find lots of fruits and vegetables to savour. The Nippes need hotels. assisted living residences. etc. The next time... see more
Reply · May 11 at 6:07 PM
John Silvio We are going to Bacconois to develop Christianity, Agriculture and Nutrition, Healthcare, Fashion, Social Mobilization, affordable housing, etc. Bacconois needs a Convention Center, hotel for missionaries to come to the Nippes anytime. Welcome to... see more
Reply · April 18 at 10:55 AM
Smith Pierre Haiti is going forward with Global Initiative in the Nippes, Haiti to develop Agriculture and Commerce. Allez faire votre toilette, put on some perfume, have a good lunch, go to school to get out of ignorance. Faites vous plus belle with... see more
Reply · March 18 at 12:33 PM
Juanita Silvera I look in the mirror, I am black and beautiful. Haiti has the potential to be a develop country. Haiti is multicolore. Haiti is universal. Haiti est une belle negresse. Haiti is a marabout. Haiti est une griffone creole. Welcome to the Nippes... see more
Reply · March 18 at 11:50 AM
John Cassis Clinton has good advice for the development of Haiti. Agriculture can bring great profit to Haiti. Do not abandon Agriculture. Haiti, plant your coffee, cocoa, bananas, yams, vetiver, lemons, sugarcane, etc. Sure, white folks will not do much but... see more
Reply · March 18 at 10:56 AM
John Cassis Sure, Haiti should get out of ignorance. Haiti learns to read, Haiti cannot do much by himself speaking creole. Haiti must speak French, English, Spanish, etc. Open Haiti to the world. Haiti maximizes your potential. Haiti must modernize the way he... see more
Reply · March 18 at 10:34 AM
Lloyd Nice dream, look in the mirror. Clinton, Jesus and all the white folks aren't going to help, take the lead. Go back to Bacconois and built a bridge RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative see more
Reply · March 18 at 10:05 AM
Elie Philocles Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in Haiti. Haiti cannot stay alone in ignorance speaking creole, fighting against each other. Haiti needs a Marriot hotel in the North, the South, Holiday Inn in every department for tourists to... see more
Reply · March 18 at 9:36 AM
Juanita Luberman Haiti needs international partners to find solutions for the long term reconstruction and the development of Haiti in every department. Haiti needs a Medical, Pharmacy and Dentistry in the North, South and the West for the young Haitians to get... see more
Reply · March 13 at 8:53 PM
Jean Pierre Alexandre You have to be a retard plus a dumb down animal to the lowest form to come up with this. I wonder why he now the owner of Palais sans-souci. The lizard blood lines aka reptilian blood lines are in Haiti by design. Haitians are too stupid to... see more
Reply · March 13 at 10:26 AM
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