Ideas for President Martelly

W Michel - October 11 2011, 3:55 PM

I have a couple of ideas that I think you should adopt.

First let me start by saying I'm of Haitian decent and would love to someday visit the country of my parents without fear of my safety.

I went to Dominican Republic on vacation because it was "safer" at the time and the one thing that I found interesting was that they charge you a $20 fee the minute they get in the Airport.

I was told that this money was used for Roads and maintenance of the country.

I think Haiti should adopt that same technique.

Also, why not work out a deal with a car company, similar to the deal the Dominican Republic did years ago to build the roads.

I know most car companies are in economic trouble, however I'm sure someone might be willing to broker a deal. Lastly the Diaspora is full of knowledgeable folks, I myself has Masters Degree in Business, and my wife who is also Haitian American is working on getting her masters in Nursing.

I think you should develop a program for qualified Haitian Americans to go teach in Haiti.

It would be kool to have Haitian American's go back and give back via Education, that way everyone wins. All you have to do is make it attractive, and I'm sure it would work. If you need more pointers, I'm open to being an adviser.

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