I ask myself these quetions all the time about Haiti.What...

Richelle - October 11 2011, 5:59 PM

I ask myself these quetions all the time about Haiti.What haitian government stand for?

for whom they work?

What is their goal?

What exactly they want to do for Haiti?

Blk. America has two major party, regardless of the party in the white house they are defending America.

On the contrary, who is defending Haiti and the Haitian people no-one and it's hurt.The haitian government is the problem they're the one resposible for that situation haiti's in. If you don't care for youself, don't expect other to care for you.This is exactly what has happened to Haiti however, when Haiti in crisis other countries send help.But what do the government do with the help they take it for themselves and don't give a F about Haiti and the people.I'm in my thirty, and I'm home sick sometimes I consider myself as stateless person.

Because I do not see how haiti will ever go back to 1984 when I was a kid before jean Claude left haiti.This is why I do not like that guy called Aristide and never will. I strongly believe that guy is the one who came up with all the destructions upon haiti.

All these horrible things started after Clinton returned that man back to haiti.

Haiti have became slowly destroy as a result of that man.he wanted to go back Haiti so bad to take revenge and signed all the papers Clinton gave him. Aristide played smart
with an educated haitian put wrong ideas in their minds make them hate other claim himself as the only one who cares for the haitian people.When Jean Claude was in power haitian people were not in that hatred mode Haiti was ok.Now haitian don't trust other haitian it is very sad for haiti.

Everybody in the government doing something for their own interest not for Haiti what ashame.

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