5 E Premier Minister nominated in Haiti on October 15th 2011 at 08:20 AM

Agent-y - October 15 2011, 1:51 PM

15 October 2011 Haitian Vitamin-News
Haitian parliament nominated Dr. Garry Conille as the Premier Minister of Haiti aka 5-E Premier Minister.

Dr. Garry Conille will focus on those 5-E
Those E stand for:

1-Education: Goal is to reduce then eradicate illiteracy in Haiti.

2-Energy: Goal is to increase electrical energy in Haiti
3-Employment: Goal is to create at least one million employments in Haiti
4-Etat de droit: improvement of judicial system and law enforcement.

5-Environment: Aggressive development of the nation infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges buildings, dams, reforestation, agriculture, sanitation, medical infrastructure etc.

It appears that the parliament expectation is very high and expects Dr. Garry Conille to fix immediately what was not done for the last 208 years right-away or within five years even-though the funding source remains an adventure at best. Dr. Garry Conille must accomplish a tall order and a Herculean task within an unreasonable limited time frame.

Although Dr. Garry Conille does not looks like the typical magician we saw in the media, it appears that the parliament sincerely believe Dr. Garry Conille has the power of a super magician and such unreasonable expectation is an harbinger for a speedy vote of no confidence within a few months

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