I want to no tax on aid to the poor.

Michele Mckeown - October 28 2011, 4:40 PM

I am a pensioner in the UK who is trying to support an orphanage with 40 children -receiving no state and very little private aid.I would like to raise funds and send clothing and things they need without it being hold up in customs.

I have heard of people paying $$$$ to get things for the poor out of Haitian customs.Mail sent does not arrive, I want to send presents to the children for Christmas but I know it will be held up.Can I send it to you Michel so you can make certain it arrives?

I work long hours making things to sell for the children.

Joseph Marcel has devoted his life to The Childrens Foundation of Haiti.

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Frantz Michel says...

You are right Mr hope that change as well I came to the UK after the earthquake and I really want to help the kids back home with education and built housing but is complicate to register my charity here can you please send me an email to help more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Many in Haiti are hiding behind the orphanage thing to become rich there. Haitian children become poorer under those orphanages built to enrich others. They should tax all goods in Haiti whether they are destined to those so-called orphanages. Haitia more »

Michele Mckeown says...

Frantz, My email is michelemiskelly at yahoo.co.uk Have you contacted Haitians United UK they are a good organisation that helps the poor in Haiti. You are right registering a charity is difficult in the UK as you really need to be raising more more »