Michel Martelly has a diarrhea of an unknown etiology

Agent-y - October 29 2011, 1:16 AM

◙ 29 October 2011► We just learn that Michel Martelly has a diarrhea of an unknown etiology.

We don

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Agent-w says...

It has been determined that our president had the rare cholera strain that is undectable until further test of his stool had been performed. It has been found out by CDC, the Center of Disease Control, that he was suffering from Agent-y rarest of th more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,y;who knows maybe Aristide bring to Haiti a rare strain cholera to Haiti too from Africa. I told martelly not to meet with that punk Arisitide,worst part he shake his hands and Aristide is a nasty dude refuse to wash his hands after taking a more »