Michel Martelly diarrhea is reported under control after four days

Agent-x - November 1 2011, 1:57 AM

Doctors that is in charge of the treatment of Michel Martelly said tonight that Martelly diarrhea is under control.

Some medical personnel observed that he has an obsession with Arnel Belizaire picture.

Martelly was treated with psychotropic drugs for stress and anxiety because he exhibits high level of fears, stress and insomnia over his aborted show of force last Thursday October 28th, 2011.
Rumors have it that Martelly now is spending one million dollars among the populace to have a mass demonstration done at the airport in Port-au-Prince upon his return on November 7th 2011 to fabricate and conveys the impression that he is a popular guy.
We have the audio-video of the Matelly thugs while they were paying some of the gangs members to do those dirty tricks.

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Casandra says...

Where did you get the diarrhea information? My mother is Sophia Martelly Cousin. When I asked my mother to verify your information,she called me back to deny it. Stop making story on the president. If you have nothing to do go find yourself a girlfri more »

Agent-w says...

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