Be careful Richelle, Agentx is among this blog staff members...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 12:51 PM

Be careful Richelle, Agentx is among this blog staff members who are discrediting Martelly for his achievements.

After Martelly, it will be Lesly Voltaire or Baker, I will see what they will say. The biracial elites of Haiti will govern Haiti for the next 50 years and many say that Haiti will be better because the international community loves biracial elites to govern in their former colonial countries instead of dark skinned leaders.

In the past 56 years, dark skinned Haitian political leaders tarnished Haiti's reputation by using and prioritizing confrontation over dialog and good governance.

There is saying that dark skinned Haitians cannot promote Haiti's cultural values and it is better to have a biracial person as a Tourism Minister to do so. Analyze Martelly's cabinet members and you can see where the dark skinned Haitians fit. They should sit now and learn because many of them had destroyed that country in the past.

Let's hope that Haiti can be back on its feet again.

I know that it is a touchy subject because some Haitians on this blog want all of us to be color blind when dealing with all Haiti's issues.

I believe if there was no elite creed about who can better promote Haiti, we would have a better country because we are after all brothers and sisters for one country.

However, it is not the case, biracial Haitians will not cooperate when they are not in power and after them dark skinned Haitians have to destroy their legacy to promote their own values and as a result Haiti is and will be the greatest loser.

Tell me if I am wrong Richelle.

Dark skinned Haitians have to cooperate with the biracial elites in power and why the latter refuse to cooperate when they are not in power?

Why should it be that way?

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Hoo-ray! you make my day,by reminding those...


To honorable president martelly

Hey you dummy go learn about world history do you know how many country will colonise if it wasnot for the haitans...

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