Haiti Worths 100 Trillion Dollars in Mineral W...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 8:43 PM

Haiti worths 100 trillion dollars in mineral wealth underneath of its soil which accounts each living Haitian for 10 million dollars.

Haitians could be rich people like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other Gulf States in the Middle East if it were not under the United States Protectorate.

The latter prevents Haiti from developping its resources and besides that the seven richest family gangs refuse to negotiate to bring oil developpers on board to exploit this wealth.

It is said that 5 richest families among the gang of seven coming from Russia with the collapse of the Soviet Union refuse to negotiate the wealth.

Haiti's wealth and market value is accounted for 100 trillion dollars for the following resources such as Oil, Trillion of Cubic Feet of Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper, Marble, Uranium, Iridium, Zyrcomium and Beauxite.

We are the wealthiest country in the region and U.S. labels us as the poorest country in the Caribbean Region.

Should you stand up to claim 10 million dollars fair share for each living Haitian?

You should and the wake up call is now. We are wealthy living Haitian labels as poor people.

Wake up and claim you fair share now.

Liberty or death, the wealth of Haiti should be shared soon between all living Haitians to end poverty in Haiti.

Nou pa fout pov se Amerika ki fout fe nou kwe ke nou se moun pov. Long life to Haiti and I should get my 10 million dollars fair share soon like those citizens in those Gulf States in the Middle Eastern Region of Asia. Long life to Haiti and to all Haitians!

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