Pa Rense Ak Sak Pi Gran Pase'w Ti Piti

Tetkale - November 9 2011, 8:19 PM

Hey, little one. Wi tande non ti piti. If you find yourself borrowing lines from another's message to you in oder for you to give some kind of weight to your response, then a bell should ring inside your head to let you know that you are out of your league in that particular line of communication.

I would engage you a little bit more, but i have no time to get into abc & d with you, when i am looking for discussion on xyz & w and beyond.

I enjoy taking others to a higher level as well as i enjoy being taken to another level.

And you are not it, and you and i know it. Continue to boast about the intelligent caviar farts of your mentally twisted sophisticated non-sense, and impress those who likes to laugh at the smell of such things.

Boast of you want, but you know that you are out of your league here. And if it it is possible at all for you to find yourself thirsty for a discussion with substance know that i am not to hard to find. I will not be harsh, and will only stretch your circumference if only you seem to enjoy it. I certainly hope there is some elasticity around your psyche.

Gin neg kap kouri voye boul'la en chelber sou terrain'an, epi gin lot kap jouer fai bel gol enpinpan sou terrain'an. Ask yourself this question, as anyone on this screen ever applauded anything that you have written?

Has any of your sophisticated non-sense make any sense to anyone on this screen?

Only to yourself, because it is clear that you do answer your own email, and use multiple nicknames to maneuver.

Ti brain tande, when you find yourself twisting your own non-sense to help it make sense, that is when you should know that you need help. And i have just tried to help you, but can you help yourself is the question you need to answer to yourself.

You are not well, find some help, ASAP.
Take care and be well.

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