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Abelard Af Fai'w Fai Alcius Ou Soi Wap Bay Abelard Alcius

You can call yourself by anyname you wish, but the sound of my drums will find your eardrums and its vibes will make its way to your soul. It does not matter if your doing alcius with Abelard or that abelard is helping you to try to escape my... more »

Afro Hair Style-000000001 Te Fet Tet Emba

When he was born he had missed his mommy's afro by 000000001 centimeter; hence the pseudo name of afro hair style-000000001. For those of you of you who r not aware, those who missed their mommy's afro when they are born and end up being born with... more »

Pa Rense Ak Sak Pi Gran Pase'w Ti Piti

Hey, little one. Wi tande non ti piti. If you find yourself borrowing lines from another's message to you in oder for you to give some kind of weight to your response, then a bell should ring inside your head to let you know that you are out of... more »

Luchien, u know if u stop n think for a minute u will realize...

luchien, u know if u stop n think for a minute u will realize that some people like you and other agents, misfits and wannabees who are in loulou land busy typing on this screen in hope to pull the President's pants down, must know that Mr. Michel... more »

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