18 Nov 2011 Martelly will be shopping at TOYS R US

Agent-x - November 10 2011, 12:44 AM

18 Nov 2011 Martelly will be shopping at TOYS R US
You cannot put deadly weapons in the hands of an irresponsible government.

Governments that give order to kidnap citizens then deny they have anything to do with it.
Agent-X instructed the world military industry not to sell weapons to Haiti until Michel Martelly leave office because Martelly plans to use those weapons to maintain a right ring dictatorship in Haiti that will violate every aspect of human right.

Agent-X told them that Martelly plans to create a pink militia, tonton macoute or death squad in Haiti to squash dissents and to help his family and friends to loot the national treasury.

Starting November 18th 2011, Martelly will be shopping military materials at TOYS R US as a placebo to those would be milice rose and tonton-macoutes.

Martelly will buy Aircrafts toys, Military tanks toys, artilleries toys etc. will be distributed in profusion in Haiti during the Christmas as a placebo.

Consequently Martelly will not be allowed to visit manufactures such as: Bombardier Aerospace; Canadian Car and Foundry; ENAER; China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation; ArmaLite; Armi Jager; Atlas Elektronik; Barrett Firearms Manufacturing; Bushmaster Firearms International; Colt's Manufacturing Company (CMC); Embraer; FAMARS; General Dynamics; Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) JP Enterprises Inc ; Lockheed Martin; Remington Arms (Remington); Savage Arms; KVH industries etc. The Duvalierist era is gone. It is time now to prosecute Jean Claude Duvalier, the former tonton macoutes, the FRAP members whether they are alive or already dead for the healing of Haiti.

Jean Claude Duvalier and his former wife Michel Bennett after the verdict will be placed in a pay to see cage to raise monies for the families of their victims.

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