Agent-x, our fight will continue for ever as long you have...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - November 11 2011, 8:11 AM

Agent-x, our fight will continue for ever as long you have that idea to take Marjorie Middy out to the movie theaters, diner or other place than here in the blog, where,we all can watch over you.
First remember on our previous conversation, you told me you never have close encounter with a female"i even asked you, if you were a female?"But you never answer my question since, that when I've decided you are a female, i even stated that you are my B I T C H.
Please, don't have any funny idea Marjorie Middy will go out with another female, word of advise to you "Marjorie is too smart for you" if you think you can reach under her skirt with your dirty hands.

Remember you need to purified yourself with your full bloom herpes in your genital, beside your are a Lavalas"dirty running water"with no power
mentally, physically with a severe case of herpes starting to spread in your brains.

If Marjorie decided to go out with a man, that would be me.Get that in your thick skull.

I am the man she need, not you.You are a useless man;What will you feed her?

You always in this blog.Wow, how you will pay for that motion picture or to take her to dine?

listen, you will not take my woman to be no where in the movie theater back door.
Martelly is doing a great job in case your brains cannot justified the truth, he will be the best president in Haiti for the past 25 plus years.You should be a shame for not giving him your support.The president deserve every Haitian corporation in this planet.

Again word of advise, stay a way from Marjorie Middy, she is my woman to be.
Agent-x, your day will be short if you are after dating her.
Toulimen, tank and other man can get close, but not you.

Don't forget to give me a smile, just like below.



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