This is for Martelly and his entire government!!!

Tiba - November 25 2011, 7:34 AM

I want to remind Martelly and his entire government that "Coup d'etat, government over throw, and public protest demanding government to get the hell out" still remain in full practice throughout the world.

These are the ONLY resources available to the public to show their disappointment, their anger, and vengence against useless, meaningless, incompetence, and mediocre governments.

It is the worse form of violence and oppression to keeping an entire population in such abject poverty.

Watch out Martelly because the same people who fought to put you in power and keep supporting you so far despite all the odds, they will be those same people protesting on the streets of the entire country demanding your departure if you keep failing them so miserably.

And you know very well the Haitian people can wait and be patient for so long before the sh8t hits the fence.

Since your inauguration 6 months ago, all you've been doing so far is talk, talk, and more talk and No action.

You must understand that the days of long and fancy speeches are over. Making false promises to the people just to make them feel good are also over. It would be naive in your part and you would be gravely mistaking to believe that the Haitian people will keep falling for the same old premitive politics in this 2011 of the 21st.

And now, a big cloud of Political Misdeeds has been lingering over your government for the past month due to grudges and vengence in your part, according to rumors, which has resulted to the arrest of a parliament member, etc. etc...

I would advise you to modernize your politics through humility, wisdom, understanding, team work, and most importantly grow up and have the maturity needed to govern.

You are no longer Sweet Micky" the entertainer.

You are now the president who was elected to better the life of the Haitian people, to bring them hope, and clean up the image of Haiti to the world.

And, so therefore, ACT LIKE IT!

Stop taking the Haitian people's patience and support for granted!

Haitians are tired of their government's Bull Shit.

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