You lead me to believe that you are Agent-X because my...

Brian Andrew - November 28 2011, 2:31 PM

You lead me to believe that you are Agent-X because my response was to Marie Joseph but you personally answered with your usual emotional intensity.

The connection was not hard to make. To top it all, that Marie Joseph person has your style of writing, reacting, and thought pattern.

You and her must be very close for that to happen...

At first glance, I thought you were smart but a second look indicates otherwise.

Systematic internet search is not hard and your personal thoughts that you doused them here and there to give some semblance of your personal signature are often unsubstantiated.

It is also just like you Agent-X to twist things around to make them look like the way you would want them to be regardless of the truth, facts or relevance.

American, I am, and American I will die; But my ethnicity is by no means limits me to other ethnic groups or cultures.

If you re-read my blog for content, you would realize that it is you that I disagreed with, Not all Haitians.

Yes, you dominate the post with all sorts of allegations, one more laughably outrageous than the next about Michel Martelly.

I am not a name dropper, I don't have the need to get in contact with your mentioned political celebrities to prove my existence.

I will leave this one for you, if you can that is. When I am unhappy with an issue, I contact my congressman and other officials regarding pertinent issues to change the existing policy.

I will leave the talk-to-do-nothing to you.
You benefit from American greed, we allow you to live, work and benefit from our social services available to all in our Country.

Why again are you bad mouthing us?

Just typical of you.
I can't stop you to write anything that you want to write about, this is your privilege.

If your writing is downright fraudulent or illegal, it is anybody's right to remind you of it. Being Haitian has nothing to do with it. the Law is the Law. Your incessant accusations or mockery of President Martelly could get you in knee-deep dodo. Mr. Martelly would have been within his rights to mandate you to come up with some very hard answers.

Only you would think harassing a president, Haitian or not is being "fearless".

Nobody is "fearless" when one understand cause-effect and consequences; Stupidity is more appropriate.

Do I hate you Agent-X?

No. Do I believe you are being careless?

Do I believe you have contempt for the Haitian public?

You said it yourself that why am I on this blog unless I am a reject.

That means you don't think your public is much and could be the reason you think you can be lawless in here.
You could be very surprised how many non-Haitians checked out this blog when they want to take the pulse of the Haitian public or at least the Haitian Diaspora.



What is respect? By standard definition from many cultures, it would mean having a high consideration for others...

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